• Digital Transformation

    Digital Transformation

Every business has digital information within their supporting systems and will have had these for many years. However, many still struggle to transform their operations. Digital transformation is not just about making information available digitally; it’s about what businesses do with that information—making decisions, driving processes and serving customers.

Do you want to lead the transformation, or do you want to be disrupted?

There’s no doubt that digital transformation is a hot topic in business right now. Organisations of all shapes and sizes have been storing information digitally for decades; however, they are only now starting to realise that just simply storing information digitally will not enable them to become efficient and effective enough to thrive in an environment of constant change and disruption.

  • Over the past few years we have seen many businesses starting to use a mish-mash of cloud applications which can potentially do more harm than good by creating more silos of information.

    Forward thinking businesses are generally looking to consolidate their environments onto a handful of core business platforms to manage the key areas of their business such as financial transactions, as sales interactions and Staff information.  It doesn’t take long to identify that in the majority of cases there would still be a tremendous amount of content, processes and casework managed by niche or outdated applications outside of those core platforms.

    This causes a big disconnect and needs to be resolved to remain efficient.

    We have developed hundreds of bespoke systems for clients. Some examples include:

    • Online portal for tracking vehicles in for Servicing and a BodyShop (SytnerBMW)
    • OCI Punchout Catalogues for use with SAP (TataSteel)
    • Portal integration of river flowrate monitors (WelshWater & Natural Resource Wales)
    • Bespoke Portals for reporting and tracking support tickets and faults (European Telecom Solutions)
    • Integration to Daktronics Digital Display systems (City & County of Swansea)
    • Online portal for a national UK retail chain administering over 700+ CCTV installations
    • Digitised and automation of the process of online tenancy agreements, guarantors and rent payments
    • Creation of e-commerce fulfillment portals with integrations into Ebay, Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, WordPress and other bespoke systems
    • Automated integration portals to book with International couriers (Parcelforce, APC Direct, DHL & United Parcel Service)
    • Retrofitting the addition of Two-Factor Authentication to numerous online portal systems

    There is often a misconception that just because a system doesn’t have an API (Application Programming Interface) that it won’t link up with a specific program. However, there are always numerous ways to overcome these issues in which we can help you with those challenges.

    Businesses who have been operating for several decades are in many cases struggling with turning outdated, paper-based processes into modern, automated, completely digital functions. Whereas their new competitors avoid those struggles entirely as they are starting with digital data.

    During this change of digital evolution, all sectors are being affected and for companies embarking on digital transformation journeys will become the disruptors of their industries.

  • NetBop has been designing, building and integrating systems for over 20 years and have a proven track record in enabling systems to talk to each other. This coupled with our expertise in Robotic Process Automation allows us to help any business to scale up business operations without necessarily increasing head counts.

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