NetBop Celebrates its Tenth Anniversary in business!

December 5, 2012

A Swansea web development company, set up by a former Swansea University student whilst in his final year, is this year celebrating its tenth anniversary in business.

NetBop's Director, Andrew Downie with Earth Ball

NetBop Technologies Ltd is a web design and development company based in Swansea and was founded in 2002 by technology entrepreneur Andrew Downie. Since then, the company has evolved into a thriving business with both UK and International clients.

Mr Downie embarked on his business journey whilst completing the final year of an Engineering Degree and successfully drummed up enough business to enable him to set up NetBop when he graduated. The company now employs six members of staff in its City Centre offices where it provides services in web design and development, e-commerce, e-marketing, web hosting and domain registration.

NetBop has consistently grown over its ten year lifespan at an average rate of 20-25 per cent each year. During this period, the company has acquired five businesses. The latest acquisition being Manchester based Website Centre, which has allowed NetBop to establish a regional hub in the North of England and now accounts for 25 per cent of the company’s current turnover.

Mr Downie said, “What started out ten years ago on a student’s shoe string budget has steadily grown into a business far exceeding anyone’s expectations. I’m very proud of this accomplishment and I am extremely grateful to our clients and employees who helped us get here.“

Ten years ago the focus for NetBop was primarily bespoke web design, and in order to distinguish itself from the competition it soon developed a suite of award winning company products. These included BopSpam for email spamfiltering, the BopControl content management system and BopStats for webanalytics.

In more recent years, NetBop has built on the foundations of its web development expertise by extending the list of services it offers to reflect continuous technological advancement. This included the establishment of a specialist e-commerce service, email marketing, search engine optimisation, pay-per-click, website reviews, security assessments, onsite consultancy and, more recently, mobile phone app development.

Mr Downie continued, “During our ten year lifespan, our focus on customer service has always remained at the forefront. Our commitment to the client, mutual trust and confidentiality is deeply ingrained in our professional work ethic. I also think one of the key qualities to NetBop’s success is our ability to offer a service that uncomplicates the complicated.“

“We are currently looking to further expand the business by acquisition and have prospects on the horizon. Driven by the old adage ‘turn over is vanity, profit is sanity’, I have always been keen to see that the business did not evolve generating large turnover and small profits. We appear to have got the balance right. Web design and development is a constantly changing marketplace and we are looking forward to the challenges that the next ten years will undoubtedly bring.“